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Father’s Day-Birthday Card – I Love You 3000 + 1 Dad

You’ve probably read through my previous posts (what do you mean you haven’t?? I recommend you check this one out) and you’ll know the ‘I Love You 3000’ End Game scene was a massive inspiration. I was thinking how can I better the I Love You 3000 Dad design for a Father’s Day-Birthday Card?

If you’re not sure what scenes I mean, then here’s a clip for you. Whats your favourite Avengers End Game scene?

What emotional scenes between Tony and his daughter. I took some further inspiration from this and decided to go one better with a ‘I Love You 3000 +1 Dad’ design! Now your dad will really know how much you appreciate with this Father’s Day-Birthday Card!

This greeting card design is exclusive to Thortful and you won’t find it anywhere else (unless of course someone has ripped off the design :P). So check it and order one for dad in time for the big day. Ideal for Father’s day, birthday or just any day! (why wait for a special day to show the love to dad!)

Looking for a Father's-Day-Birthday-Card? 'This I Love You 3000 +1 Dad' design is an exclusive design only available on so make sure you order before you forget!
I went with the Iron Man gold/yellow & red colours for the text with a distressed effect on the font.

I’ll leave you here and before you ask no I won’t be designing a ‘I Love You 3000 +2 Dad’ Father’s Day-Birthday Card in the future! Mhmmm perhaps a 3000 to the power of 2? 😛