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Father’s Day-Birthday Card – I Love You 3000 + 1 Dad

You’ve probably read through my previous posts (what do you mean you haven’t?? I recommend you check this one out) and you’ll know the ‘I Love You 3000’ End Game scene was a massive inspiration. I was thinking how can I better the I Love You 3000 Dad design for a Father’s Day-Birthday Card?

If you’re not sure what scenes I mean, then here’s a clip for you. Whats your favourite Avengers End Game scene?

What emotional scenes between Tony and his daughter. I took some further inspiration from this and decided to go one better with a ‘I Love You 3000 +1 Dad’ design! Now your dad will really know how much you appreciate with this Father’s Day-Birthday Card!

This greeting card design is exclusive to Thortful and you won’t find it anywhere else (unless of course someone has ripped off the design :P). So check it and order one for dad in time for the big day. Ideal for Father’s day, birthday or just any day! (why wait for a special day to show the love to dad!)

Looking for a Father's-Day-Birthday-Card? 'This I Love You 3000 +1 Dad' design is an exclusive design only available on so make sure you order before you forget!
I went with the Iron Man gold/yellow & red colours for the text with a distressed effect on the font.

I’ll leave you here and before you ask no I won’t be designing a ‘I Love You 3000 +2 Dad’ Father’s Day-Birthday Card in the future! Mhmmm perhaps a 3000 to the power of 2? 😛

Father’s Day- Best Movie & TV Dads

With Father’s day coming up in June, you’re all probably on the hunt for that special greeting card and unique gift ideas for dad, even though we all know he’s really hard to please!

With this in mind, I’ve been trying to think up the best movie or TV characters who I would love to call dad. They could be funny, tough or just really silly, which fictional dad would you adopt?

Take a look and see what I’ve come up with….

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